Hagiography learning book "Amateur Hagiographer"

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Book of painting learning amateur hagiographer, Frangopoulos Vasileios. Dimensions 17x25, 120 pages. Contents:

The Fabric
The Stockling
The Colors
Auxiliary Means
Varnishes-Image Protection
Alternative Constructions
Artificial Aging
After Construction, what?
Inventory of Materials &Techniques

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The purpose of this book is to combine the knowledge of the past with today's materials. It is for future and current illustrators to see the way to create something whose lifespan surpasses the images of our ancestors, since our generation has the luxury of using all modern means. Various rare techniques and ways for artificial aging of the image are also presented. By finishing reading the book, the reader will be able to know the ways of construction and will lie solely in his conscience to use the right methods or "the easy way" of deception. The knowledge included in this book is the result of thousands of hours of practice in the subject, experimentations, discussions with hagiographers, secularists and monks, but also with relevant craftsmen, such as carpenters, goldsmiths, painters, since most of the arts seem to be communicating with each other vessels, with conservators of icons and of course the result of a study of a large bibliography.

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