DECOUPAGE rice papers imported from Italy. Our rice paper is the best paper for decoupage. Our printed rice paper is ideal for decoupage projects on glass, wood, mdf or styrofoam. The rice paper is a handmade paper, 100% natural fibre, acid free. Water-resistant and resistant to light. The rice paper is thin and very strong. Rice paper is better than traditional napkins. Decoupage with this paper is much easier. This paper can be glued with decoupage glue to all surfaces. In all its structure it has characteristic natural white fibers of irregular thickness. Thanks to it objects gain original decoration. Does not need soaking in water before decoupage. Our high quality printing guarantees sharp and bright colors, they are not canceled nor fade when using the glue. The colors of the images appear most vibrant when applied over white or light colors. The rice paper is preferable to tear and not cut. In this way the edge of the paper will not be visible at the end of decoupage decoration.

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