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High quality pigments at an honest price! Caravaggio Pigments contain 100% pure pigments. This collection of dry pigments is finely ground to bring out the greatest potential in each color. Each color retains the unique characteristics of the pigment, including tinting strength, undertone, and texture. They don't contain adulterants and offer an excellent value. Mix Pigments with linseed, poppy, stand, or safflower oil to create oil paint. Add pigment colors to pouring mediums in conjunction with or to replace acrylic colors for special pouring effects. They can also be combined with a binder to create acrylics, watercolors, tempera, and paint for frescos. The pigments can also be used for a wide variety of DIY projects. Add them to epoxy resin to fill negative spaces in wood grain or to create a colored coating for surface covering. Or, add them to grout for mosaic and tile projects.

Art Painting Pigments

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