WHITE NIGHTS 24, 1941061
  • WHITE NIGHTS 24, 1941061

Ακουαρέλες WHITE NIGHTS σετ 24, 1941061

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Επαγγελματικά χρώματα ακουαρέλας WHITE NIGHTS 1941061, σε πλαστική κασετίνα με 24 παστίλιες των 2,5ml. Παράγονται στην Αγία Πετρούπολη Ρωσίας και το εργοστάσιο NEVSKAYA PALITRA. 

Άμεση παραλαβή

The high concentration of pigment ensures the maximum intensity of the color tone of the watercolor. Saturation is maintained even when diluted with large amounts of water. They are distinguished by transparency, which allows the artist to work with thin glazes. Pure colors allow you to paint in mixtures and get a rich variety of shades. Most of the paints have the highest lightfastness, which contributes to the preservation of works for over 100 years. All this ensures their high quality and the possibility of using them in important jobs. The balanced palette of the White Nights set consists of 24 colors, allowing you to solve many creative tasks of the watercolorist. The set is presented in a plastic box and a cardboard case.

Cadmium lemon, Cadmium Yellow Medium, yellow ocher, golden Titian, Cadmium red, light red, ocher, Ferrioxide red , carmine Kraplak red, light purple, Ultramarine, Bright blue, cobalt blue,Indigo, Green-yellow, Emerald Green, green, Siena natural, Umber, burnt umber, Mars brown, Sepia, Neutral-black.

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